Finally We Were Able to Fix This Cherry Valley, MA Basement

Wednesday, August 28th, 2019 by Marketing Team

This actually goes right along with one of the last blog posts I wrote about the importance of taking care of a wet basement sooner rather than later and that it will be a better situation for you the homeowner and any future owners. Well, I don't know what all transpired during the sale of this home, but I wish for the current owner's sake that the prior owner had the work done. It just seems the right thing to do for everyone involved. 

I was just going through some content from a customer in Cherry Valley, MA where we just installed a sump pump, some surface drainage, and such to find that a prior homeowner actually contacted us back in 2014 about this same issue. Sadly, the original customer cancelled the appointment, but according to our notes the basemen't bulkhead door was leaking during heavy rain and when snow would thaw. He hada french drain and other things to try to address the issue but water was still a problem. The home was built in 2007 so it isn't a terribly old home. 

Anyway, the current homeowner reached out to us because she was noticing water coming into the basement through the bulkhead door during heavy rain. She said that her son just bought a home that has one of our waterproofing systems and she knew we were the company to trust. We came out to her home and installed a SuperSump, some TrenchDrain surface drainage, IceGuard and a LawnScape. 

Now she can be certain that her basement will remain dry whether the snow is melting or the rain is pouring. Our TrenchDrain collects any water near an entrance or stairway and redirects it to the SuperSump that will discharge the water out and away from the home. 

Although this story ended well, it is unfortunate that the original homeowner hadn't dealt with the issue himself when he had the chance. I wonder how much frustration and maybe damage had been caused these past 5 years that this was going on and perhaps this new homeowner just didn't even know about it or didn't realize how longstanding an issue this was. I know we sometimes don't think something is a big deal especially if it starts to go away or isn't at the forefront of the mind for whatever reason- but when it comes to a wet basement it really needs to be fixed sooner rather than later. The basement will not fix itself. The water will not decide to stay away from your home. We have the solutions!


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