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Leader Foundation Solutions Case Studies: Double Sump Pump Installation Keeps Belchertown, MA Basement Dry

Thursday, July 25th, 2019 by Marketing Team


This customer is still somewhat new to living in this particular home. He moved in last year and up until recently he had never had a water issue in his basement. However, after a recent heavy rainstorm, his basement flooded. A concern all of us know all too well- if you're on our site visiting today this must be something that resonates with you as well. 

It is a very scary thing especially when you are new to living in the home. Lots of concerns probably fill your mind- did the prior owner have a water issue and not disclose that to me? What else is wrong? How much do I have to pay to fix this? Will it actually work? 

Well, we met with this homeowner and he was very much set at ease to find out about our patented products and how they differ and stand superior to the rest on the market. 


In order to properly take care of this basement, we needed to install two SuperSumps and of course, have two discharge lines. This will allow us to really keep this basement dry without a doubt. We installed some TrenchDrain surface drainage as well to take care of any standing water. We installed a TrenchLock to protect the vacuum of the Radon System. Our IceGuard was installed to enable proper discharge of water regardless of freezing temperatures. Last we installed LawnScape at the end of the discharge line. 

Now regardless of the temperature outside, our customer will be confident his basement will remain dry. Frozen or clogged discharge lines aren't even a concern because of our IceGuard. 

It is an incredible responsibility to help protect someone's home. This particular basement was well maintained and had a good amount of personal items being stored. It's a terrible thing to lose personal belongings as well as take a hit to the integrity of your home's basement. Flooding is scary and we are always proud to be able to resolve this concern for our customers. 

Project Summary

TrenchDrain: 4 Ft

IceGuard: 2

TrenchLock: 4 Ft

Lawnscape Outlet: 1

SuperSump Plus: 2

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