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Leader Foundation Solutions Case Studies: Basement Waterproofing and Foundation Repair in Chicopee, MA

Wednesday, October 21st, 2015 by Marketing Team


I am here writing this case study after seeing the history we have had with this customer since 2015. We just serviced his Triple Safe Sump Pump System and when I saw these photos and the work we have done, it is pretty amazing to see how a once  scary situation for a customer has been totally taken care of and now just requires an annual maintenance. 

So, back in October of 2015 our customer here contacted us with concerns about some broken bricks in the foundation underneath the back porch, which is attached to the home. 


Our System Design Specialist suggested it was time to repair the foundation and then install our waterproofing system. There are times when cracks and such are just superficial and nothing major or worrisome is going on- in these cases we can just waterproof and move along. However, there are also situations where the cracks are indicative of a greater problem and this was one of those situations. 

We installed a wide variety of our products and this is important to note for several reasons including that this customer had (and still does) such confidence in our work that he didn't have us do some of the work and then some other company do other parts, etc. He wanted us to do it all, he knew that we were going to do incredible work and stick around to ensure the products work as we said they would. We are always thankful for customers investing in our products and know that the customer truly is getting the best available on the market. This makes our jobs incredibly valuable. 

We installed our WaterGuard drainage system as well as a TripleSafe Sump Pump- the WaterGuard drains into the sump and when the sump discharges the water our IceGuard makes sure that there won't be any clogs or freezing issues. We also took care of the foundation itself with two supplemental beams and four SmartJacks to stabilize and secure the space. Our CarbonArmor permanently stabilizes foundation walls with its fiber reinforced polymers that are actually ten times stronger than steel! We finished off the job with our PolyLevel injection foam- an incredible expanding foam that lifts and stabilizes flooring. It is a non-toxic, waterproof and permanent solution. 

After all of this work, we are pleased to report that this customer has annual service checks and that is all! Not that we don't love our visits, but we love how safe, healthy and happy this homeowner is with the work we have done!

Project Summary

CleanSpace: 120ft

SmartJack: 4

Supplemental Beam: 2

CarbonArmor: 2

PolyLevel: 26 Lbs

IceGuard: 2

Lawnscape: 1

TripleSafe Sump Pump: 1

WaterGuard: 120 Ft

WaterGuard Inspection Port: 3

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