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Leader Foundation Solutions Case Studies: Longmeadow, MA Basement Waterproofing with Sump Pump and WaterGuard

Wednesday, July 31st, 2019 by Marketing Team


Our customer here in Longmeadow, MA contacted us with concerns about an existing issue that hadn't seemed too severe these past few years since about 2015. However just last month he had 2" of water in the basement, which is significantly more water than the usual seepage. While looking around he noticed somme hairline cracks in the floor. He just isn't too sure how serious the cracks are and how to resolve the issue but it definitely appears to need to be fixed sooner than later. 


Our System Design Specialist met with the homeowner and took a look throughout the basement and checked out the hairline cracks. Sometimes cracks are symptoms of a more severe foundation problem that will need repairs, and other times the cracks are superficial. Thankfully in this case the cracks are superficial and not indicative of a larger foundation issue. 

So, we were able to recommend our basement waterproofing products to drain the water and redirect it from the floor to a sump and out the discharge line to a designated flow path out and away from the home. 

Our customer agreed with our suggestions and we installed our WaterGuard Drainage System that is placed beneath the flooring to collect any water. It then directs the water to the TripleSafe Sump Pump we also installed. This sump is incredible because it addresses three of the common issues with certain other pumps: it has multiple pumps so it can adjust according to need, it has a battery backup to continue working despite a power outage and its airtight lid makes for a quieter system and more easy servicing. We also installed our IceGuard that protects against clogs and frozen drainage!

The customer is very pleased and looking forward to a dry basement come this next storm! We are too!

Project Summary

IceGuard: 2

LawnScape: 1

FloodRing: 1

TripleSafe Sump Pump: 1

WaterGuard: 160 Ft

WaterGuard Inspection Port: 3

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