Job Stories

Job Stories

Basement Waterproofing in Agawam, MA
The crew went out to Agawam, MA to help a family with water in their basement and a failed DIY sump pump. The basement was unfinished and never had a water problem until the neighbor had an inground pool installed and the installation rerouted an underground stream to run under the house. Then they noticed water seeping up through the floor in more than one area. They tried installing a DIY sump pump by themselves and it was working at first but then it wasn't helping. They then had another sump pump professionally installed, deeper than the original. Again, it worked at first but didn't solve the problem. The concrete never got dry enough for the company to come back and fill the big square hole in with more cement to seal the pump. Our crew went and installed a TripleSafe, WaterGuard, IceGuard,and a discharge line. After doing a service at a later date, the work our crew did fixed the problem! In the pictures, you can see the ineffective products before we removed them and installed the Basement Systems products.
Crawl Space Encapsulation in Southampton, MA
This customer first reached out to us in 2013 because she wanted her crawl space encapsulated because her floors are so cold. At that time the crawl space was insulated with fiberglass. Our System Design Specialist recommended that we install our CleanSpace vapor/moisture barrier as well as our SmartDrain, SaniDry dehumidifier, and vent covers. The SmartDrain is a great product for people who do not have a history of water entering the crawl space but do want to be immediately notified should water begin to leak into the space. The CleanSpace will direct the water to the SmartDrain, which will drain the water into a dry well below as well as alert the homeowner of the water.  
Basement Waterproofing in Florence, MA
Crew chief Kenney and his team headed out to Florence to waterproof a basement. The first two pictures were the 'Before' shots. They installed CleanSpace, which is the white poly sheet material shown in the last picture. It is a major part of the waterproofing system, and redirects moisture and vapor coming through the wall into the perimeter drain system they installed, which can be seen in the last picture as well. A french drain was also put in at the base of the stairs to catch any water that seeps in from the bulkhead, which can be seen in the third picture. They did a fantastic job!
Sump Pump and WaterGuard Installation in Florence, MA
Kenney and his crew went out to a couple's home in Florence. They reported high flooding in the basement, even though there was a sump pump installed by another company down there already. Our company found that water was seeping in at the base of the walls. Our crew installed two new sump pumps that lead into a TripleSafe, and also put WaterGuard at the base of the walls (seen as the dark cement by the walls in the photos). One photo shows the crushed stone under the floor which was letting in the water.
FlexiSpan in Ludlow, MA
The crew went out to Ludlow, MA to help out a family that had water coming in through cracks in the basement foundation. The foundation was concrete, and they had water issues for 7 years prior to our work. They didn't have a sump pump or any of our products, so we went out, assessed the issues, and decided on FlexiSpan as the best solution. The FlexiSpan system first seals the crack with a tough, extremely flexible sealant that will stop most of the water from seeping in through the crack. A second line of defense over this sealant is a beveled foam layer, which would drain any small amount of additional seepage down into your drainage system or into a small drywell created under the basement floor. 
Crawl Space Foundation Repair in Wales, MA
This customer contacted us in 2016 while trying to sell this home in need of replacing the piers that are already there. Our team installed 12 of our SmartJacks to support the floor joist system. This customer was very pleased with the work completed and we have since continued annual maintenance checks to ensure everything is operating at its best. Our SmartJacks are steel piers used to stabilize the floors and they are adjustable! If a home has sagging or bouncing floors above the crawl space then these are the solution for you. 
Basement Waterproofing in Ware, MA
This customer contacted us regarding water entering into her home. It's interesting that part of this home was built back in the 1900s- and that isn't the part with the water issue! The newer part of the home is the one in need of waterproofing.  Our System Design Specialist met with this homeowner and recommended several of our waterproofing products that she agreed were the right solution to her basement's troubles. Our team was quick to install our WaterGuard sub-floor perimeter drainage system along with inspection ports. We also installed a surface level TrenchDrain at the foot of the stairs. Next we installed our SuperSump Plus and IceGuard, which ensures there won't be any clogs or freezing during extreme temperature changes.  The customer is very satisfied with the results and we couldn't be happier to provide the solution to her concerns about the water that had been entering her basement. 
Flooded Basement Solution
   This customer called the appointment center with corcern for her flooded basement. She set an appointment for an inspector to come out and see what could be done to solve her basement issues. The inspector crafted a soltuion especially for this customer and her space. She set an appointment for installation.    The crew arrived and installed a Trench Drain, a SuperSump to pump the water out, a Floodscape and a Lawnscape outlet, where the water would be discharged outside. The crew cleaned up her basement and left the customer happy she had utilized our company. 
Sagging Home
   When this customer called, she was very concerned because she had water coming in to her crawlspace through an area where the floor above her crawlspace was sagging. The customer believed she needed a support beam replaced, so we sent our inspector out immediately to see what could be done to remedy her dire situation.    After the inspection, a civil engineer went out to assess for safety in the job to be completed. Then the work was set to be performed when proper permits were acquired. Two Smart Jack XT supports were installed to support the floor joist system above. A supplemental beam was also installed, a PowerBrace beam. Assist Brackets were attached to floor joists above the support beam and all joists in the area of crippled joists. This customer saved her home by having our professional and experienced company come to the rescue!
Basement Waterproofing in Sturbridge, MA
The crew went out to Sturbridge, MA to waterproof a basement. As you can see in the first picture, there was a large amount of flooding on the floor. This was because there was no crushed stone beneath the foundation, which is crucial when building a foundation. The crew installed a sump pump, WaterGuard around the perimeter, and a french drain at the base of the bulkhead.
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