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In this episode of Ask the Expert, Craig answers a question from a customer in Florence, MA about options to transform a waterproofed basement into a finished, usable space.

Leader Basement Systems offers many options to transform a basement into a beautiful, dry and healthy living space. All of them are 100% waterproof and inorganic, specifically developed for the basement environment and capable of withstanding the harshest basement moisture conditions, including basement flooding!

To finish basement floors, Craig recommends ThermalDry floor tiles. "You never want to lay padding, carpet or wood flooring straight against the basement floor, because there is water vapor coming through the concrete. These materials absorb water and are known to grow mold, and give out odors" -- explains Greg.
ThermalDry 100% waterproof floating and interlocking tiles can be laid straight over the concrete without the need for subflooring or pad, the finished surface is raised from the slab through a system of pegs that creates an air pocked under the tile. This air pocket allows moisture from the slab to dry out, and it creates a thermal break making the walking surface an average of 10 degrees warmer than the slab.
If individual tiles get stained or damaged, you can replace them without disturbing the remaining ones.
ThermalDry comes in different finishes, including carpet, vinyl and faux wood parquet. Would you like to lay regular carpet? Leader Basement Systems offers the ThermalDry subfloor tile designed specifically for that purpose.

Whether you want to finish, insulate, or simply spruce up you basement walls on a budget, we have the right product for you. The BrightWall acrylic panels, will brighten up ugly basement walls, and act as a vapor barrier too. The Basement to Beautiful panels are a great option, if you want to enjoy the comfort and energy efficiency of an insulated basement, but don't plan to finish it right away. These panels come with pre-cut channels to run electricity wires and cables and embedded metal studs to hang cement boards or drywall, when you are ready to finish your basement.
The EverLast Wall Panels are a complete, R-13 insulated basement finishing solution. These cement core panels, are so sturdy, you can hang flat screen TVs and book shelves on them, without the need to look for studs or special hardware. The vinyl finish is easy to clean and maintain. A full line of trims and moldings will give your basement the high end finished look you expect.

"Once we are done finishing your basement, you can actually fill that basement with 3 or 4 feet of water, drain it all up and have no issues with mold and mildew. Nothing is going to be damaged by that water, and it is meant to be the one and only time you're going to finish your basement" -- says Craig.

Ready to finish your basement? Visit our website or call to schedule a free design consultation! We service Springfield, Pittsfield, Chicopee and the greater Worcester area.

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