Efflorescence or Mold?| Ask the Expert


In this episode of Ask the Expert, Craig explains Efflorescence: a white substance that often appears on basement walls and is often mistaken as mold.

Efflorescence is the buildup of minerals and salts that are carried into the basement due to the ground water that is constantly seeping through the concrete. As the water evaporates, the white, powdery, chalky substance is left on the surface.

Efflorescence is one of the telltale signs of poor foundation drainage. A problem that Leader Basement Systems can effectively fix with a combination of over 24 patented products that will allow them to custom design a solution -- including the award-winning WaterGuard Interior Drainage System.
This system sits on top of the foundation footing, where it can effectively intercept and collect ground water, without getting clogged with mud and silt. It can be fitted with service ports that allow the system to be serviced as needed, which is why the WaterGuard is backed by a Transferable Lifetime Warranty.

Tied to one of our powerful Sump Pump Systems, the WaterGuard will help keep your basement dry for as long as your house stands! We service Chicopee, Springfield, Pittsfield and the greater Worcester area.

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