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Basement Waterproofing Before & After Photos

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South Hadley, MA Basement Waterproofing Done Right!

This customer was not even aware of a prior attempt to waterproof her basement-albeit a poor attempt at that. The previous company actually did what most people would refer to as a "hack" job...because the foundation was torn up along the perimeter but it was only filled in with crushed stone and NO PIPE! Yikes! We are proud to report that our South Hadley, MA customer here now has an incredible basement waterproofing system complete with WaterGuard Drainage as well as a Sump!

Basement Waterproofing in Northampton, MA

This customer contacted us with concerns about water seepage in his basement. He said it happens every spring, but this year it has gotten significantly worse and it needs to remedied. We installed a super sump pump, WaterGuard, IceGuard and LawnScape to ensure that any water that enters is properly directed out and away from the home. 

SumPump and TrenchDrain Help Keep Belchertown, MA Basement Dry

This customer reached out to us because their basement was flooded recently during a heavy rainstorm. They have lived in the house about a year and had never before experienced water issues in their basement. We took a look and evaluated the need for a SuperSump sump pump, TrenchDrain with its lock and an IceGuard to keep things working despite freezing temps. We actually installed two SuperSumps to take care of this particular space. 

Paxton, MA Basement Major Flooding Issues Solved

The crew went out to Sturbridge, MA to waterproof a basement that had major flooding issues. They installed a sump pump, WaterGuard on the entire perimeter, and a french drain at the base of the bulkhead. They did a great job!

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Basement Waterproofing in Greenfield, MA

Here we have one of our customers who has loved the waterproofing we did on the one side of their basement and now unfortunately has water coming in on the other side of the basement. We took a look at the other side of the basement and installed our WaterGuard Sub-Floor drainage as well as our TrenchDrain. 

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