Crawl Space Insulation

SilverGlo™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation Near Springfield, Worcester, Chicopee

What It Does:

SilverGlo™ Crawl Space Wall Insulation is the best choice to make your crawlspace an energy-efficient source in your home.

It combines insulation containing graphite with a radiant heat barrier surface.

All these attributes give your crawl space walls an R-11 insulating value, and it seal your walls off from outside moisture and humidity.

Technical Features

  • Gets Crawl Space Up to National Energy Code
  • Particles Improve Insular Properties By 24%
  • Built-In Radiant Heat Barrier
  • Closed-Cell Insulation Won't Soak Moisture Up
  • Economical Insulation Option
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Do you have high crawl space humidity? SilverGlo™ is a great product that seals off crawlspace walls, and it saves money on energy bills! For a free quote on insulating your home's crawl space, contact us today!

Insulating A Crawl Space with Quality Product

SilverGlo™ is an expanded foam insulation infused with graphite during manufacturing to increase its insular ability by 24%. Combined with the silver radiant heat barrier, it provides an R-rating of R-11 on your crawl space walls. This can be customized for special projects or local code requirements too, making it a very versatile, effective solution.

To prevent mold, rot, and musty odors SilverGlo™ also creates a barrier on the crawl space walls that keeps moisture from entering the crawl space.

SilverGlo™ is part of the total crawl space repair system that has TerraBlock™ Floor Insulation and CleanSpace® Vapor Barrier.

Other waterproofing products like the SmartSump™ Sump Pump System helps control flooding, our SmartPipe™ Drainage System; the only drainage system made for crawl spaces, and our CleanSpace® Drainage Matting.

Learn more about our crawl space repair systems.

fiberglass insulation dripping off the ceiling in West Springfield.

As fiberglass insulation gets soaked with water in a crawl space, it grows mold and can actually drip from the ceiling.

What NOT To Do

Very often we see vented crawl spaces with fiberglass insulation on the ceiling.

Crawl space vents let in humid air in the summer, where it's then cooled in the crawl space. As the air cools, the relative humidity of the air rises, and extra moisture is left on crawl space surfaces in the form of condensation.

This moisture ends up on the insulation and of course wet insulation doesn't insulate as well as dry insulation. In fact, it actually can lose its insulation value, and the extra weight pulls it from the ceiling.

Wet insulation can actually be a food source for mold and rot, which will grow on any organic materials in the crawl space like wood framing.

Basically crawl space vents and fiberglass insulation don't work very well.

We'll Seal and Insulate Your Crawl Space

Leader Foundation Solutions has the expertise to encapsulate your crawl space while upgrading its energy efficiency. Our products keep water and moisture out of your home, and making it more energy efficient than ever!

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We proudly serve Worcester, Springfield, Chicopee, and many other parts of Massachusetts and Rhode Island.

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