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Foundation Repair Case Studies: Foundation Crack in Southborough, MA Needs Repair

Thursday, August 22nd, 2019 by Marketing Team


This customer in Southborough, MA contacted us because his master bedroom now has a pronounced crack and it appears the door to the room is about 1 inch off center. He noted that the prior owner had a crack repaired in the basement as well. 

He is concerned about the foundation having a larger issue and doesn't want to continue to do surface repairs if something greater needs fixes. 


We arrived to this home and took a look at the cracks this homeowner is aware of as well as checking out the entire home for the whole picture. We made some recommendations that we are confident will not just provide short-term but permanent solutions to these issues. After looking the house over it became clear that these symptoms are in fact evidence of a larger foundation issue going on, which means we need to address the foundation not just the surface cracks. We need to address the source.

We have suggested our PolyLevel Injection Foam to stabilize this foundation. We estimate about 28 lbs of PolyLevel for this home. 

We also found a need for 12 push piers, which will permanently lift and stabilize this foundation back to the original height. This is the process that will also address the off-center door(s) as well as cracks. 

Project Summary

PolyLevel: 28 lBS

Push Pier: 12

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