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Leader Foundation Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Chicopee. Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions's recent work requests in Chicopee and nearby areas!

Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions' recent work requests in Chicopee, MA
Vicinity of Lachine St in Chicopee
Bought the house 2 years ago, in October was the big ice storm. The basement was finished and had flooded. in the spring we dug up the back yard to reseal the block foundation. We though the problem was fixed so we had the basement refinished. The basement has flooded twice this year so far. We can't figure out where the water is coming from to fix the problem, or how to fix the problem.
Vicinity of Old Field Road in Chicopee
I am looking for an average cost to install a sump pump in a basement apartment closet
Vicinity of McCarthy Ave in Chicopee
1. When we have heavy downpours, our window wells fill with water and flows into our basement. We have replaced all three basement windows and use w/well covers, but to no avail. We also have had a large hole in the foundation repaired, but we think we have another. 2. In addition, I'd like a quote to have the exterior foundation repaired where necessary and sealed.
Vicinity of Royalton St in Chicopee
Damp basement, basement walls old and crumbling, need new basement windows,
Vicinity of Mt.vernon St. in Chicopee
Single family, 1 floor built in 1950. original 3 room home w/added 3 rooms at different time periods, with unfinished basements are at different depths and have always seeped water from the surrounding clay.
Vicinity of Lyman Street in Chicopee
Old brick foundation bowing inward
Vicinity of Arthur Street in Chicopee
In the basement when it rains heavy water seems to come up from the foundation in certain areas. Puddles form in four diffrent areas
Vicinity of Moreau Drive in Chicopee
Flooding in basement
Vicinity of Johnson Road in Chicopee
I'd like a quote on some basement repair -- I live in a garden condo unit. I have some same damage in the basement from mice -- specifically, the transition between my unit and my neighbors. I've been working with Orkin for the pest problem, but the solution now seems to fix the area where they are getting into my basement from next door.
Vicinity of Delaney Ave in Chicopee
Lets set up an appointment to get a free estimate on refinishing the basement and upgrading the windows.
Vicinity of Spring St. in Chicopee
I have a leaky brick foundation basement in need of sealing and repairs. Thanks, Briana
Vicinity of Olivine in Chicopee
Basement takes on water during periods of heavy rain. Need source identified and basement waterproofed.
Donovan N. Chicopee, MA
Filled out a slip for an estimate.. no charge telephone number disconnected
Vicinity of Casey Drive in Chicopee
I have a basement which gets puddling in heavy rain. The walls are flaking from the moisture, and the musty smell is offensive. I am checking into various companies' solutions, and price is a major factor. I would like to set up an appointment as soon as possible to see what options your company can offer me.
Vicinity of Louise Ave in Chicopee
I have a wet crawl space with a oily sticky mold build up.
Vicinity of Charpentier Blvd in Chicopee
I would like to meet to get an estimate on home basement waterproofing. Thank you.
Vicinity of Randall St in Chicopee
Wet basement that has flooded in the past despite sump pump. Basement has not been taken care of properly and is now with mold on walls