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Work Requests in Springfield

Leader Foundation Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Springfield. Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions's recent work requests in Springfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions' recent work requests in Springfield, MA
Vicinity of LAURELTON STREET in Springfield
Water leaks in my hatchway walls going to the cellar
Vicinity of Turner Street in Springfield
Our home needs the block foundation repaired. There is minor leakage when the rain is hard and there is one tiny hole in the wall. Basement is unfinished and walls are accessible. The house is approximately 80 years old. We are looking for quotes from local businesses. Thanks!
Vicinity of Lancaster St in Springfield
Water is leaking into my 4 seasons porch
Vicinity of Timothy Cir in Springfield
Concrete foundation wall about 3 to 4 feet in height crumbling and breaking down... in need of repair. Would like to patch and paint for now to make it safe for tenants, but will have wall totally rebuilt in 9 months to 1 year. Property is a rental home. Single family raised ranch in 16 Acres.
Vicinity of Redden Street^h in Springfield
Have water coming from under carpet in basement bathroom when it rains, Had plumber look at it and was told not a plumbing issue
Vicinity of Clarendon Street in Springfield
Vicinity of Quaker Rd in Springfield
French drains installed about 24 years ago. Water seeping in recently.
Vicinity of Balis Street in Springfield
Old retaining wall cracking and leaning
Vicinity of Arthur Street in Springfield
Water trapped in basement window however, still small leak at bottom of concrete wall onto concrete basement floor
Vicinity of Forest Park Ave in Springfield
Stem walls are out of plumb & direct evidence of standing water
Vicinity of Hudson in Springfield
Ground water in the basement
Vicinity of El Paso Street in Springfield
Due to all the rain, snow and ice there i water leaking into my basement. I need to be able to fix this issue since my son's room is currently in the basement
Vicinity of Harkness Av in Springfield
Wet spot on basement rug. Not coming from above! Never had this before.
Vicinity of Parkedge Drive in Springfield
Cracks around windows in foundation
Vicinity of Harkness Av in Springfield
Cracks in foundation. mold in basement.
Vicinity of San Miguel St in Springfield
Cracks in foundation. Are they ok?
Vicinity of Bangor Street in Springfield
Hi have a leaky basement and I would like an estimate on what it would take to fix it. Thanks
Vicinity of Saint Lawrence Avenue in Springfield
During a home inspection, there were damp areas on the floor and foundation wall. I would like an assessment of why there is seepage and possible solutions. This is a brick foundation.
Vicinity of Connecticut Avenue in Springfield
I need an egress window complete installed in my basement.
Vicinity of Flower Street in Springfield
Water in basement after spring rain/ snow melting
Vicinity of Hillside Drive in Springfield
Need a sump pump installed
Vicinity of Porter Lake Drive in Springfield
Noticeable sag in 2nd floor condo, Half inch slope in bedroom doorjam. Cracking in basement flooring around lally column. Looking for an estimate in regards to whether it is A) Problematic and B) If so, what is cost to fix. Thanks
Vicinity of Rockland St in Springfield
Brick and cinder block foundation with water damage
Vicinity of Fairfield St in Springfield
Want to waterproof my 100 year old basement - concrete floor
Vicinity of Worthington St in Springfield
Water present around bottom perimeter of basement during heavy rain.
Vicinity of Osborne Terrace in Springfield
Horizontal cracks in the foundation. Water seeping through one of the cracks.
Vicinity of Skyridge Dr. in Springfield
Water in basement from foundation and hatchway
Vicinity of Roy St in Springfield
Cracks in basement walls and cracks in interior walls
Vicinity of Plumtree Road in Springfield
Need to get an estimate for basement water damage repair. need to get diagnosis and estimate for basement waterproofing. this is time-sensitive.
Vicinity of Lancashire Rd in Springfield
Water in the basement issues.
Vicinity of Greaney St in Springfield
I have water coming up through my basement floor. My home is about 950 sq.ft. I also have a cracked in my foundation which is also letting water in.
Vicinity of Pineview Cir in Springfield
I have a hatchway that has been leaking for years I need to seal it or replace it. I have a functioning sump pump in place and need to discharge water away from the foundation
Vicinity of Meadowlark Lane in Springfield
Water recently started leaking into the basement. Not sure what is going on. If there is an issue with foundation.
Vicinity of Riverview in Springfield
Need waterproofing for basement ASAP
Vicinity of Plumtree Road in Springfield
Cracked foundation with the beginings of water seepage in one corner
Vicinity of Vermont St in Springfield
There are a couple missing bricks in the foundation, also according to the inspection, the foundation is bowing.
Vicinity of Ellsworth Ave in Springfield
I have a brick on cinder block foundation that is deteriorating and I believe is in need of repair
Vicinity of Rockland St in Springfield
Our cinder block basement is damp and moldy, and some of the cinder blocks are crumbling.
Vicinity of Fair Oak Rd in Springfield
I have a foundation crack, visible only from inside home, from floor to ceiling, not a thick crack but enough for water to get in, thank you , teri
Vicinity of Old Lane Road in Springfield
Basement has been water in it twice since the melting snow and rain
Vicinity of CLANTOY ST in Springfield
Vicinity of Lakeside St. in Springfield
I have a Craftsman era home that has a sagging front porch. Part of my bedroom is over the porch and there is a buckle in the wood floor.
Vicinity of Appleton Street in Springfield
The front of our house is a crawl space. I don't know if it is settling or what but the floor in the living room now pitches down. I think something is going on in the crawl space. I'd like to see if it needs to be reinforced.
Vicinity of Gillette Circle in Springfield
Our basement gets partially flooded whenever it rains which has caused mold growth. We are looking to fix this problem since we use this area for laundry and storage. We are considering an exercise/game/work- shop area. Previous owners began remodeling the basement and we purchased floor tiles. We are looking into several places so we can think about budgeting.
Vicinity of Laurelwood Lane in Springfield
We take in a few gallons of water that was not a concern until we put the house on the market
Vicinity of Candice Circle in Springfield
I live in a ranch house which one side has a noticable settlement/slant. Also, in the basement I have a room that used to be an underground garage and has visibile signs of humidity and bubbles on the foundation wall.
Vicinity of Bowdoin Street in Springfield
I would like a basement waterproofing estimate.
Vicinity of Winton Street in Springfield
I have a leaky basement. I'm sick of it.
Vicinity of Newbury in Springfield
Damp musty basement
Vicinity of Clearbrook Drive in Springfield
Mold in basement, water seal basement.
Vicinity of Ashley Avenue in Springfield
The floor of the basement always dump, not too much on the walls . This is two family duplex and both side is like that. This is a house am buying, and I would like to have an ideal, how much I may spend to fix that problem. THANKS.
Vicinity of Marsden St in Springfield
This home is a recent purchase and I am finding what I think is either water damage or old water entry in the basement. I would like to schedule an estimate with you. Ideally, I would like to be here when your technician is here - do you do estimates on Saturdays? Please feel free to call the cell phone number above so we can schedule a time. Thank you
Vicinity of Ellsworth Avenue in Springfield
Basement very damp
Vicinity of Glenwood Circle in Springfield
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Kerry Drive in Springfield
Basement flooding
Vicinity of Lorenzo Street in Springfield
Sani dry and thermal dry
Vicinity of Wayne St in Springfield
Purchased old home - inherited musty basement and now mold is growing...
Vicinity of Northumberland St in Springfield
Please, call or leave message when we could schedule an estimate to waterproof a basement. Thank you