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Leader Foundation Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in West Springfield. Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions's recent work requests in West Springfield and nearby areas!

Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions' recent work requests in West Springfield, MA
Vicinity of Virgina Ave in West Springfield
House built 1958. Split level house. Poured concrete basement walls. The shorter outside wall appears to be bowing inward in the center. At one point the previous owner had water problems and had a french drain system with sump put in the basement. The main support beam of the house is level and supported adequately. I've addressed the gutters and water in the yard with it's own french drain system and sump. I'm not sure if this is a problem or not, there is about a 8ft wide section, bowing inward at the bottom 4ft. If you put a straight edge on the wall there is about a 2.5" bow. I'd like to know if this is something to be concerned about and what our options and costs would be to fix it if needed. Thanks
Vicinity of Gooseberry Rd in West Springfield
I have water coming in the basement through a place where there is no cinder block wall. I need to solve the problem outside first then inside.
Vicinity of Laurence Drive in West Springfield
Water in basement in one area
Vicinity of Great Plains Rd in West Springfield
Cracks in drywall, cracks at top of door/window frames loud cracking sounds throughout the day
Vicinity of Piper Road in West Springfield
Vertical crack in foundation with water leak. I want it inspected and repaired if necessary.
Vicinity of Guy Place in West Springfield
Considering instaling a french drain on a property located in west springfield wanted to get a quote
Vicinity of Johnson Street in West Springfield
Water seeping in through block foundation, also sand is present
Vicinity of Amherst St in West Springfield
Have a crawl space. floors sag toward the center of the house. would like estimate for crawl space jacks
Vicinity of Falmouth Road in West Springfield
Cement block. Water table level.
Vicinity of James Ave in West Springfield
Water leaking through walls. Bottom to 2 feet up.
Vicinity of Craiwell Ave in West Springfield
Our basement is in need of waterproofing. The walls are covered in scaly paint & damp. I think drainage around the parameter needs to be installed, as well as a sump pump system. The walls cleaned and sealed and the floor sealed. We would to make the basement a dry usable place. Your company came highly recommended.
Vicinity of Cataumet Lane in West Springfield
I am looking to get a quote for a backup sump pump system. Thank You
Vicinity of Railroad Street in West Springfield
We have a very old house with crumbling brick foundation walls.
Vicinity of Pilgrim Road in West Springfield
Hello, I am interested on a quote to install a sump pump in my basement. There is currently a sump pump in place, a pedestal-type. It was installed in 2000 (before I purchased the house). The basement has been partially cut into, but they did not dig down and install the bucket. I also think the whole will need to be cut wider. Interested in how much it costs to install a sump pump, the submersible type. Thanks!