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Leader Foundation Solutions is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Worcester. Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions's recent work requests in Worcester and nearby areas!

Learn more about Leader Foundation Solutions' recent work requests in Worcester, MA
Vicinity of Myra Lane in Worcester
I just bought a condo unit that has a crawl space in the basement. The crawl space is clean and dry but the basement windows don't have an actual window but a grate in it. Air gets in the basement and with colder weather coming, I am wary of what will happen. I have put 2" foam board inside each window to help but the still worried about rain/snow getting in the window(s) from outside. I was looking to put some type of cover on the outside of the windows to prevent rain/snow from coming in as well as leaving the insulation on the inside.
Vicinity of N. Woodford St. in Worcester
I would like to have a concrete slab in front entrance way leveled.
Vicinity of Chandler Street in Worcester
Water come into house during flash flooding. We have a finish basement.
Vicinity of Midland St in Worcester
The basement is very moist and smells strongly of mildew.
Vicinity of Stoneleigh Road in Worcester
Would like to put in egress window to create bedroom in basement
Vicinity of Hamilton St. in Worcester
Water in basement
Vicinity of Salisbury St in Worcester
Water in basement when we have heavy rain
Vicinity of Puritan Ave in Worcester
Looking to get an estimate to have a French drain installed.
Vicinity of Gambier Ave in Worcester
Need to find why my basement flooding and get a repair estimate
Vicinity of Tarrytown Lane in Worcester
Need a sump pump installation for my basement ASAP as I've been experiencing flooding from my bouquet underground
Vicinity of Purchase St in Worcester
Stone foundation around u 22x35 est house. water leaking in , several areas
Vicinity of Hilda Street in Worcester
I have some cracks in my foundation as well as my walls.
Vicinity of Sarah Drive in Worcester
Garage apron crack. not over basement or anything like that. Crack is 4 feet long, 2 inch height difference at the worst spot.
Vicinity of Fairhaven Road in Worcester
A slab addition to our home is settling and is starting to become noticable inside walking and on the roofline.
Vicinity of Chamberlain Pkwy in Worcester
Water coming up through basement floor with excessive rain. Appears to only occur in one corner of the basement, but spreads across the room due to the grade of the floor. Looking for an estimate on interior perimeter drain system and sump pump. Also interested in waterproofing options/pricing for basement walls, but it isn't our primary concern and area that needs to be addressed. Thank you!
Vicinity of Papagni Cir in Worcester
Fix crack
Vicinity of Farnum Street in Worcester
Water seeping in basement from foundation.....
Vicinity of Park Terrace Rd. in Worcester
I am looking to deal with a few leaky spots in my basement.
Vicinity of Tower Street in Worcester
Settling quickly foundation
Vicinity of Monmouth Ave in Worcester
Recently have been having some water leakage amongst the basement floor, days after the last rainfall. I know my house has some issues with water build up near the foundation and would like to work on waterproofing my home.
Vicinity of West Pine Lane in Worcester
Foundation settling issue
Vicinity of Jeppson Ave in Worcester
Have water coming into the basement
Vicinity of Sarah Dr in Worcester
Water in basement during heavy rains
Vicinity of Harold St in Worcester
Basement tends to leak and now seeing mold
Vicinity of Homer Wheaton St in Worcester
Water seepage during extreme high water table into sump, at base of side wall, at cracks in slab, around base of floor columns. Slab has a drain system into sump already which is sometimes extremely active but does not keep water out. Want to refinish basement into work/storage space.
Vicinity of Lawton in Worcester
Our basement leaks after heavy rain/snow. We believe it is coming in through the foundation.
Vicinity of Huntington Av in Worcester
Basement leak problem
Vicinity of Grafton in Worcester
I have a townhouse in Grafton street and I see the leaking water in garage and laundry room when it is raining
Vicinity of Guild Rd in Worcester
Structural beam replacement estimate
Vicinity of in Worcester
Water in basement during rainstorms and snow melt. Basement is finished.
Vicinity of Mann St in Worcester
We have some water coming in from a corner of the basement. We are looking for estimates on sealing the basement and/or whatever else may need to be done.
Vicinity of Southview Rd in Worcester
Water is coming in at the bulkhead, I believe the ground under the bulkhead may be washed away and the bulkhead has separated from the foundation also the contour of our land along with our patio directs it right to it
Vicinity of Ardmore Road in Worcester
Have a vertical crack in basement wall. Part is above grade, part is below. Would like someone to take a look at. Thank you, Chad Thibodeaux
Vicinity of Lakewood Street in Worcester
Field stone and brick foundation restoration.
Vicinity of VASSAR STREET in Worcester
One wall needs to be re-pointed. the other three wall if you think they need to be done. White wash all walls if needed, Foundation 110 years old.
Vicinity of Beechmont St. in Worcester
Basement and garage walls need waterproofing and there is some subsidence below the garage floor causing slab and side wall cracks.
Vicinity of Lake Ave in Worcester
Need hydraulic cement repair work and cement wall patch.
Vicinity of Newton Ave N in Worcester
I'd like to get a quote to have a sump pump system replaced in my basement and also have a batter back-up pump installed with the primary pump. I've received one quote already and would like to get a second for comparison purposes.
Vicinity of PURCHASE ST in Worcester
Basement hair line cracks. Wanted an estimate for repair.
Vicinity of Ferdinand St, in Worcester
Water in my basement
Vicinity of Donna Road in Worcester
I have an older perimeter drain and sump pump and it does not seem to be working correctly. Basement had water this week. Pump did not seem to handle the rain storm.
Vicinity of Dolge Ct in Worcester
We have 1/8" wide vertical cracks showing on the foundation in the front and rear. There also appears to be more settling. The house is about 30 years old.
Vicinity of Quinapoxet Ln in Worcester
12' stone retaining wall alongside driveway has bowed some 4-6 inches at top and masonry is cracking in spots (no drains in wall & plantings above). Would like estimate of what can be done to support/restore wall and the cost. Have read a bit about helical anchors. Would like to avoid rebuilding the wall. Look forward to hearing from you. Thanks.
Vicinity of Richards St in Worcester
Foundation has Settled and some cracks
Vicinity of Dundee Ct in Worcester
Looking to put a egress window in the basement.
Vicinity of Suburban Rd in Worcester
Drain fly source and access to rectify
Vicinity of May Street in Worcester
One wall of the foundation of the house has a buckle and I want to correct, support or repair it. The house is occupied and I wish to provide the least disturbance to the residents while in the process of installing a permanent remedy. I would like a review of the project and receive a quote. The project can be implemented right away once a proper plan and contract are in place.
Vicinity of Merrick St in Worcester
I found some water Damage wood in my house, and I looking for a free estimate in order to repair. Thanking in advance for helping me in this matter.
Vicinity of Mary Ann Drive in Worcester
Good morning, you installed a sump pump in my home several years ago. my son ran over the cover in my front yard. the cover goes to the outlet where the water comes from the house. its green. you sent me a new one a few years ago, and now i need another one!! thanks
Vicinity of Fourth Street in Worcester
Water leak in basement, coming in from the edges/cracks
Vicinity of Weldon Avenue in Worcester
This is a bank foreclosure property located at 9 Weldon Avenue. The mortgage company is requesting a foundation inspection and bid to make any repairs needed so that this foreclosure property can be placed back on the market. We are the property preservation company handling this property.
Vicinity of Castine St in Worcester
Looking for suggestions and quote to prevent water in basement
Vicinity of Oakview Street in Worcester
My house sits in a concrete slab, need it repaired and water proofed
Vicinity of Emily St in Worcester
Looking to have a small basement window in a finished basement replaced with a larger window for egress. Little to no excavation required.
Vicinity of Gifford Drive in Worcester
House uneven- crack in closet, wondering about foundation.
Vicinity of Andrews Ave in Worcester
Crack in basement exterior of my house
Vicinity of Clover St in Worcester
Corner of 1956 ranch foundation ha sunk 3 inches+-
Vicinity of Chester St. in Worcester
Need 13 deck piers installed for a deck off the side of a 15' pool, attached to a house
Vicinity of Plantation St in Worcester
Bowing wall and foundation consisting of composite material mixture
Vicinity of Mill St in Worcester
Foundation cracks, wet basements, cracks in interior walls
Vicinity of Stoneleigh Road in Worcester
Erosion/slight cracking on the outside of foundations walls. We have not had any water in the basement or issues with dampness but not sure if the exterior walls should be patched. We also have a small crack on the interior wall in our living room under a window, not sure if this should bee looked at as well.
Vicinity of Gate Street in Worcester
Need to repair foundation for 3 decker house. the right side of the house.
Vicinity of Massachusetts Ave in Worcester
Two leaky walls
Vicinity of West Boylston St in Worcester
Cracks on one side of basement floor that water seeps through when the ground gets saturated.
Vicinity of Lincoln Street in Worcester
Need helical pier quote based upon engineers core findings
Vicinity of Dubiel Dr in Worcester
2 Substantial cracks in bulkhead foundation; needs repair prior to house sale. House vacant presently, occupant lives nearby. I am the contact for this project.
Vicinity of South Stowell St in Worcester
I have a leaning concrete block wall in my detached garage. Has large crack about 2 feet off the ground
Vicinity of Delawanda Dr. in Worcester
Very old house, walls are bowing and falling apart doors are sticking. There's a sump pump already
Vicinity of Massasoit Road in Worcester
We get water in the basement around bulkhead area when it rains
Vicinity of Dellwood Rd in Worcester
Looking to get my front stairs raised one side is sinking
Vicinity of Indian Lake Pwy in Worcester
Bowed wall / sagging floor
Vicinity of in Worcester
Townhouse basement water seepage - basement floor developing crack. Thank you. I will take pictures and send along to you?
Vicinity of Grove Heights Drive in Worcester
Despite our drainage system in the basement, we will still occasionally get water in odd places.
Vicinity of Catalpa Circle in Worcester
Would love to have a finished basement
Vicinity of Bainbridge Rd. in Worcester
Basement taking on water whenever it rains heavily. Just bought house and the inspector said it was waterproofed. Need help.
Vicinity of Rockwood Ave in Worcester
House leveling and maybe some foundation repair
Vicinity of Longworth Road in Worcester
Leak in Basement
Vicinity of Stark Road in Worcester
Road construction created problems because of unstable and old water table issues
Vicinity of Erie Ave in Worcester
Water main break 3 months ago. Unknown ground structure outside of block foundation, frequent water leaks during storms.
Vicinity of Mill Street in Worcester
House built in 1937. Fieldstone foundation. Water seeps in during heavy rains. Have tried a few repairs with hydraulic cement. Interested in options and price please. thank you.
Vicinity of Sagamore Rd in Worcester
Vicinity of Orlando Avenue in Worcester
Water seeping into basement.
Vicinity of Bay State Rd in Worcester
Water seepage in basement. Need repair quickly.
Vicinity of Courtland St in Worcester
Looking for quotes to install an egress system in a finished basement.
Vicinity of Granite St in Worcester
Hi, I live in a triple decker (circa 1928) that was broken up into 3 condo units about 10 years ago. We are having a problem with water in the basement of the building. The basement is stone and concrete. There are quite a few cracks, etc, and we are currently getting companies to come out and look at it, make some recommendations, and give us an estimate for repair. Thanks very much, Cathy
Vicinity of Bainridge Rd in Worcester
Not sure where the water is coming in from. We have water in the basement
Vicinity of Tennyson St in Worcester
Basement gets very wet during spring thaw and heavy rain. At it's worst, a couple inches of standing water.
Vicinity of Birch Hill Rd in Worcester
There is currently water in my basement and I'm using a dehumidifier and a wet vac to remove it. There is a sump pump I believe the last owners installed, but its in a corner of the basement that never gets water. Also, the basement is carpeted so I'm concerned about mold.
Vicinity of Osceola Ave in Worcester
Water in basement once or twice a year during spring melt mostly. Basements are unfinished.
Vicinity of Superior Rd in Worcester
Water coming in through cracks in basement floor, Ground water
Vicinity of Beverly Rd in Worcester
Water in basement after storm or snow melt. French drain in backyard not preventing this.
Vicinity of Prospect St in Worcester
Vicinity of Woodman Rd in Worcester
We have mortar failures in our old stone foundation (house built 1926) that is causing moisture and mold on the foundation walls. We contacted MA Restoration and they recommended you for an estimate for repair. They will provide an estimate for mold remediation. We would appreciate a free estimate for what it would cost to restore the foundation. Thank you.
Vicinity of Kinnicutt Rd in Worcester
Damp basement. Need dehumidifier, air exchange system and the sump pump.
Vicinity of West Mountain Street in Worcester
During heavy rains, water appears on one side of my cellar wall between the garage and cellar.
Vicinity of Orient St in Worcester
The foundation in the front of the house wasnt done right and you can see holes and the blocks they put there to cover up the hole.
Vicinity of Wyola Dr in Worcester
I am looking to put an offer on this property to buy it however I have some questions about issues I noticed in the basement and would like to have somebody take a look before I decide on my offer price. There is a pump in the basement and it looks like they started to put a French drain in but stopped in the process. I would love to have somebody come look and quote the price of the project.
Vicinity of Ardmore Road in Worcester
Damp, smelly basement.
Vicinity of Roxbury in Worcester
Chimeny tilting.
Vicinity of Fielding in Worcester
My basement is getting a lot of moistures and I am looking for a proper drainage system that would remove the water or keep it out.
Vicinity of Garrison Ave in Worcester
Have been getting water seepage in the basement and need an estimate.
Vicinity of Saint Elmo Road in Worcester
I am looking to purchase a prospective property and am concerned about the water situation in the basement. I would like a quote on either installing a french drain in the backyard or some sort of drainage in the basement to resolve the problem.
Vicinity of Dell Ave in Worcester
Fieldstone basement, have sump pump but still get water. I think some may be coming up through cellar floor. Basement is damp/musty in summer (when heat is off).
Vicinity of Lake Ave in Worcester
We store clothes in our basement. Last summer we found that clothes hanging in closets grew mold. The basement is also quite humid. We would like to reduce the humidity in our basement using a no drain dehumdifier.
Vicinity of Mabelle St in Worcester
I have external cracking of my foundation wall on a extension on my home that I am looking for a repair estimate
Vicinity of Barber Ave in Worcester
My house is at the bottom of a large hill and. Was built in1896 with an old stone foundation that was waterproofed a few years ago. The man who did the job says I need a sump pump. I have gutters on 2 sides of the house, and my bulkhead walls leak. Call me for an appointment. My office is over my garage.
Vicinity of Bellingham Rd in Worcester
We are interested in an inspection and quote for waterproofing our basement in our 1920 2-story colonial house with a fieldstone foundation in the Burncoat neighborhood.
Vicinity of Winneconnett in Worcester
Curious about window well options for a basement egress. please do not call...prefer email.
Vicinity of Carriage House Lane in Worcester
Looking for a battery back up for the system you guys installed approx 1-2 years ago. I would also like to get the system checked out at the same time.
Vicinity of Bowker Street in Worcester
Wet basement and mold
Vicinity of Mower Street in Worcester
Crack in foundation. Water in basement.
Vicinity of Herbert Rd. in Worcester
Recently plaster has been falling off a few nearby walls in our finished basement due to water entering.
Vicinity of Holden St in Worcester
Vicinity of Donna Road in Worcester
Although we have a sump pump, we are getting seepage in an area about 12 yards away from the sump pump. This is a worry as it seeps every time there is rain. The rest of the basement is dry and sump pump appears to be operating normally. I'm asking one other company for a quote.
Vicinity of Winter Hill DR in Worcester
I was writing to see if the schedule for the completion of drain installation/burying outdoors has been completed and to see when it might occur at my house?
Vicinity of Hickory Dr in Worcester
Building an addition and would like to incorporate a system into construction
Vicinity of Ardmore Road in Worcester
Can we please set-up a time to evaluate my basement and receive an estimate for repairs? Thank you,
Vicinity of Laurelwood Drive in Worcester
I'd like someone to take a look/give me an estimate about water from my driveway seeping into my garage. Even with this past Friday's light rain I had a fair amount of water come in. Please get in touch with me so we can make an appointment. Thanks.
Vicinity of Santoro Road in Worcester
I have had on ongoing problem with a water leak between my foundation and bulkhead. Please contact me as soon as possible. Thank you.
Vicinity of Clive Street in Worcester
Basement waterproofing
Vicinity of Reardon Street in Worcester
I have a leak in the seam between my precast bulkhead steps and foundation at the lowest step. I need a proposal for a lasting solution to the problem. Thanks.
Vicinity of Westland St in Worcester
Id like to have a quote on waterproofing my basement... Please call in early evening Thanks Rich
Vicinity of Grove Street Terrace in Worcester
Each time it rains, the floor in my garage gets wet. This causing the sheetrock on the inside wall to fall apart on the bottom!
Vicinity of Beeching Street in Worcester
I have moesture in my basement. I would like to get an estimate and directions on how to set the humidifier up. thanks
Vicinity of Burncoat Street in Worcester
The dimnesions on the Fairhaven cottage that I would like wrapped are: 20' x 26'. I expect to be there this coming weekend if you need any other specifics.
Vicinity of Greenfield Street in Worcester
I would like to have a home inspection and quote.