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Sump Pump Installation in Worcester, Springfield, Chicopee

Getting a sump pump and waterproofing system is the best way to dry a basement and keep it dry.

Here's what Leader Foundation Solutions technicians do when we install a sump pump system in your home. Our certified waterproofers can install a complete sump pump system often in just one visit to your home!

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Placing a sump pit in a Westborough home

Placement of the Sump Pump Liner

First, a sump pump pit is created where the liner and pump will sit in. This protects the sump pump from the mud near the pump pit.

It's very important that the pit is large enough, but it shouldn't be too big. When put in a small pit, sump pumps can pump out faster than it fills the liner, which causes it to turn on and off rapidly and it will burn out sooner.

Sump pits that are too big usually go too deep into the ground, which pumps water out far below your home which can cause unnecessary work.

Sump pumps remove water from the basement when placed in the lowest spot of the basement floor. Your certified waterproofing expert will find that spot utilizing a laser level tool. If the sump cannot be placed in an appropriate place, a PVC line needs to be run through the floor from the low spot to the sump pump.

Digging a trench for a French Drain system in Worcester

Perimeter Drain System Installation

It's a good idea to install a perimeter French drain system, like WaterGuard® when installing a sump pump system.

The basement floor edge is jackhammered and a layer of clean stone is put down. The perimeter drain is installed on the stone, and is then backfilled with more clean stone.

The point of this drain is to collect water from the basement wall-floor joint, the basement walls, and from under the basement floor, and bring it to the sump pump.

The WaterGuard® Basement Drainage System includes a wall flange that comes up to the basement wall to collect water that comes from wall leakage. With our basement wall products installed, the wall covering is tucked behind the flange to bring moisture from the walls to the drain.

If the home has concrete block walls, weep holes can be drilled in the blocks at the very bottom to relieve water and the pressure from the walls.

Installing a sump in a sump pump liner in a Chicopee home

Sump Pump Installation

An outlet connects the perimeter drain to the sump pump system and clean gravel is backfilled around the liner.

This gravel keeps the sump pump system as clean as possible, discouraging sediment from getting in the liner.

An airtight sump pump lid keeps smells and humidity from rising out of the sump pit, plus it prevents debris from falling in. Having a lid on the liner help prevent animals and children from getting in the water too.

If you have a secondary pump installed, an additional discharge line is installed. This prevents the pipes from being overwhelmed and ensures that the pumps don't pump back and forth between each other. Discharge lines should NOT be tied together inside the home.

Testing a French drain system in a West Springfield home.

Floor Restoration & Bury Discharge Line

The final sump pump installation step is to restore the floor flush for a clean look.

The system does not leave a gap around the basement floor which can collect debris that can clog the system.

This helps ensures drainage and a reliable system, while looking clean.

Outside, an anti-freeze device called IceGuard® can be installed. The discharge line is buried in the ground, while the installer carefully removes lawn sections whole pieces before making the pipe trench. This ensures least amount of disruption to your landscaping. The outlet installed is flush with the ground and is safe for lawn mower traffic.

A contractor in Ludlow installing a perimeter drain tile system during a sump pump installation.

The Cleanup

Our sump pump installation experts take extra care to leave your basement clean and neat for you at the end of installation.

Dust is cleaned from the floor and the discharge line outside is inspected to make sure water is being discharged to a good location.

We remove all debris we create, and customers often comment their basement is cleaner than before the installation started!

For future testing or inspection, Leader Foundation Solutions will install several ports in the perimeter drain, where a hose or dehumidifier drainage line can be placed. During annual service appointments this helps us with inspection.

Sump pump system, dehumidifier, and basement wall panels installed during a sump pump installation in Gardner

Additional Basement Space

Once your basement is protected from water it's a great time to take advantage of the cleaner, drier, more attractive area as additional storage or living space.

If you don't already have one installed, ask about our battery backup sump pumps, as well as our basement wall coverings, efficient dehumidifier, waterproof basement flooring, and other basement products that can add energy efficiency, beauty, and comfort to your home.

Leader Foundation Solutions provides crawl space sealing and encapsulation too!

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